Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sex in indian cinema

Is indian cinema taking a new turn?
I am curious. Actually the Indian cinema which once was a prime example of Asian cultural values is no longer the same. It is in a new era and is getting more and more close to Western cinema. Recently there were some movies directly copied from western productions. As for an example Raaz , a remake of Michelle Pfeiffer`s What Lies beneath.

And on the other hand the films are containing more sex sens than in the past. And the trend is to shorten the actresses dresses and display them with sexier outfits and stances. Yet the total nudity is not available. But the way directors shortening the dresses will let them no options but to remove all cloths of actresses  in the future productions. I remember a era in which even a kissing seen was prohibited. But the new age is definitely changing. Actresses who are willing to show there nudity are going to be the next generation of Indian Goddesses.

Is this what Indian people asking for???????

Songs are the better example of what going to happen next. They are getting more erotic. I though the song from Rangeela is going to be the hottest ever. But now a days songs are a way hotter that it! I don't blame. Anyway not to forget that India is the country produce "Kama suthra" for the whole world.
So my last words are "God bless Indian cinema!"

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