Saturday, October 7, 2017

Levottomat 3 AKA addiction - one of the best sex addiction film in Europe cinema

Jonna is a happily married woman. She is also a successful career woman. Her life is so complete; at least that is how it seems. But there is a very dark secret in her life. She is a sex addict who seek pleasure from strangers other than her loving husband. She is obsessed with  sex. She cannot control the desire to have sex with other men. Her happy husband does not know anything about her secret side. She is trying so desperate to terminate her addiction. But she was unable to do it until her good life collapses with everyone and everything within it.

This amazing film contains lots and lots of nude scenes which are showing the main actress having sex with different partners. These scenes are highly detailed but not explicit. In the end it does not deliver pleasure to its viewers but sorrow.

The actress is totally gorgeous. It is so lovely to watch her acting naked in front of us. But the inner story is something we must deeply take into our consideration. Pleasure is good but too much of it is a real sickness which need immediate medical attention. On the other hand, one cannot have a perfect family life if he/she have other priorities in their minds.

The husband of the leading character is a very lovely person. He take care of every need of the family except for his wives sexual needs. Her desperation Leeds her to an addiction which is also a point of no return. So, a good family life depends on many facts. Providing family needs means covering all aspects. It includes all kinds of basic human needs. Sexual needs are also included there. If a part of the family goes astray it is hard to get it fixed. 

Some screen caps....

Hottest scenes of the movie...

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Which country makes the best porn?

Now a days, almost all countries in the world are involved in this industry. Obviously, USA is the leading porn producer and they hold almost 60% of this industry. The 2nd place goes to Netherlands and they hold about 26%. 
In fact, it is so hard to say which country makes best porn. The answer depends on many facts. One of which is the quality of the models who work in these products. Obviously, many of these products have nice looking females. Male models are also well built. But, Indian porn movies are not up to that standard, yet. Most of their products have ugly characters. 
Next most important fact is the plot. Now a days, most of these products does not have a proper story. From start to the end what they do is fuck. They have become fuck machines. In this point of view, Czech, Japan and other Asian movies have a proper story. 
People these days also are interested in different kinds of approaches. They like to see what they cant do in real life. That is why public porn sites, reality porn sites and party porn sites are highly popular these days. They also like to see girls next door in porn movies. Some producers know how to make such movies even though they are fakes in reality. 
Overall, it is hard to say which country make best porn. All these countries have some good stuffs and some bad stuffs. It all depends on the producers and the level of creativity they have.

Following are some of the best reality porn sites in the internet.





Thursday, August 31, 2017

Denis and Jon finally do it - Game of thrones season 7- the best sex scene so far...

Game of thrones season 7 has one of the hottest nude scenes of the series. This very special relation is also an incest one. But it the couple does not know it, yet. For this scene, the dragon queen, Denis targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and The king in the north, Jon snow (Kit Harington) get butt naked and get on the bed to make love. The nudity is awesome. But not very clear due to the darkness. Still, it is definitely a very sweet and most anticipated scenes. On the other hand, this could be the last opportunity to see the beautiful dragon queen fully nude.  

The full and uncensored video is here...