Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Vikings season 4 uncut version is now available....

Vikings is one of the most exciting TV series aired in the recent years. It has completed almost 4 seasons. The first half of the 4th season is already aired and the 2nd part is due on nov 30 th this year.

If you are a fan of this series you might already know that this series is all about a Viking king Ragnar Lothbrok. He is a brave, fearsome and also a lunatic man who invade England and France in order to collect treasures and to expand his kingdom. His life journey is extremely adventurous. He is a ruthless killer, a cruel person but also a wise ruler and a good friend to the people who are loyal to him.

History is the channel which is officially airing this amazing TV story. But there is a hole; a pretty big and ugly one. They do not air the uncut version. To get the whole package of excitement one has to watch the uncut version. One has to wait for the Blue ray or DVD versions to see the UNCUT package. This UNCUT version contains more nudity, more violence and extra bit of story compared to the CUT version,

The UNCUT version of the latest Vikings season (season 4 part 1) has come to the market from this month. It is available through many online stores including Amazon. It is also available with various torrent sites as well.

The 4th season is about aging King Ragnar's Paris invading. The season is more exciting, more violence and definitely more erotic than any other previous seasons. The king faces many chanlanges from out side and also from inside while trying to gain access to the Paris/France.

The nude scene in the below video is one of many scenes which are only available with UNCUT version.

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Having fun in a strip club

Have you even visited a strip club? Well if you have you might know how fun and entertaining the experience is. Well.. if you haven't do it soon!!!


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