Wednesday, March 7, 2018

How to perform naked yoga successfully....

This video is not about nudity. It is about yoga. If you are interested in yoga, this is one of the most effective learning media. It shows some of the most important moves of yoga. All the moves are clearly visible as these models are totally naked. Anyway, I found it very hard to concentrate on yoga moves as these models are extremely hot. I had to watch it over and over again to learn the yoga part they teach. In the mean time, I was able learn about every inch of their bodies. 😊😊

Wednesday, December 20, 2017



Marisa Papen is a free spirited model from Belgian. She is in a quest to do naked photo shoots in as many as locations from all around the globe. She was once even arrested for a naked photo shoot she did in Egypt. Recently she did a photo shoot for PLAYBOY GERMANY with her friends, naked. She is quite stunning; hot and sexy looking. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

6 reasons to watch "The human Stain"


Original run time - 1 hr 46 min
Drama, romance, thriller
R rated

The story

The human stain is a 2003 Hollywood film with a super cool story. I must admit that I was unable to understand the whole story even though I watched it twice. Basically it is narrated around a collage professor (ex-boxer) who loss his job upon a false accusation. On the same day he also loss his wife. Later he develop a friendship with a lonely author who lives in a cabin by a lake. He also begin an sexual affair with a janitor girl who is about half his age. 

When the story progress, we learn that he has deep dark secrets hidden in his life. In fact, his whole life is a lie. His young girlfriend is a half lunatic, who also have some dark secrets of her own. Overall, it is a great story. A story with the power to keep its audience glued to it from the start to the end. 

The cast
This amazing film has a very powerful cast. The leader is the very talented actor   Anthony Hopkins; he plays the character of collage professor (Coleman Silk). Simply, he is amazing. So are his co actors and actresses.
 Nicole Kidman plays as his young girlfriend. Her performance is not bad either. The young actor who plays as the young Coleman Silk proves that he know his job pretty well. Not only he is handsome, but also talented. It is always a pleasure to watch a film with a strong set of cast who knows what they are supposed to do.

Anthony Hopkins
We all love this man. He is immensely talented. He can give life to any kind of Characters and he has proven it over the years. No film addicts should miss his films specially if they are looking for top quality films with twisted stories.

Nicole Kidman
She is one of the sexiest females in the Hollywood. According to Mr.Skin, she has done 19 nude roles up to this day. Amazing! isn't it. I specially love her character in the film Eyes wide shut. There she shows every inch of her lustful body but not here. Anyway, she reveals enough flesh to make anyone horny, so no need to worry if you are here to see how her body looks like these days. In fact, she is as good as her younger age and still has the power to make anyone with a dick wanting her right there.

The union
The union between Anthony and Nicole is a historic one. No one should miss the opportunity to see these two together. In fact, there are several juicy encounters between these two. 

According to Mr.Skin, this film has "Great Nudity". I can't agree more. Not one but two beautiful actresses are going to show their fair bodies to you in this amazing movie. One even show her beautiful bush along with all the other lusty parts of her beautiful body. 



Tuesday, October 31, 2017

TRANCE; A film you should watch.


Director =  Danny Boyle 

IMDb rank = 6.9

Trance is a 2013 Hollywood film, which is about a art dealer, a hypnotherapist and a group of criminals and how their lives intertwined.

Basically, this is a psycho-thriller movie with lots of action. The story of this film is different from many other action-packed movies we see every day. You cannot guess the end, or what is going to happen next, even if you are an film expert. The film is simply full of suspense and dangerous secrets. The most disturbing secrets are kept well hidden until the very last moment of the film. 

Non of the characters of this film are pure black or white. When the story progress, you will feel even the toughest criminals have a soft side and professionals who are supposed to be tender are not entirely so and have darker sides even darker than dangerous criminals. 

So the first reason to watch this film is the extremely interesting story.

The next reason is the sequences of extreme actions. 

This film has a very talented cast. Actors and actresses are quite talented. They ready do well in this film.  James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson andVincent Cassel are playing the main characters. These three have already proven their ability in this field. So, it is always a pleasure watching a film with a talented cast. This cast is the next most important reason to watch this film. 

Another reason is the very famous nude scene where the leading actress, Rosario Dawson walk totally naked while showing off her perfectly shaved vagina. In fact, it is one of the best display of that special set of lips in a mainstream Hollywood film. This is also one of the most discussed movie scenes in the year 2017. Many people loved it.

The famous nude scene; the video.

The trailer